This challenge isn’t just for entrepreneurs but ANYONE who is looking to use what they have to generate revenue. Now is the time to build capital in a crisis. 


To participate in this challenge, you MUST BE: 

  • Ready to stretch out of your comfort zone

  • Committed to the process 

  • Motivated 


You will LEARN: 

  • How to enhance your sales & marketing skills

  • Unique ways to position yourself and the tools you have access to for profit 


Here’s what you’ll GET: 

  • Access to private Facebook Group

  • Weekly FB Live check-in

  • Accountability from The Business Dr. and FB Group Peers 

  • Six actionable guides/worksheets 

  • 5 ways to make money

    • Pricing variations

    • Customer Acquisition Plan

    • Customer sales funnel

    • Marketing Funnel

    • After the deal is done Worksheet


COVID-19 has everyone in a frenzy, especially entrepreneurs. The Business Dr. created this challenge to help ANYONE looking to use what they have to generate revenue. There are several unique ways to position yourself for profit through tough times and this challenge will stretch you out your comfort zone to make profits. 


This challenge is not for the unmotivated! 

This challenge will stretch you out of your comfort zone!

This challenge will enhance your sales &  marketing skills!  

This challenge will require you to be committed to the process!

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