The number one question I often received, as a business consultant is “can you write my business plan.” A great business consultant should respond by saying “NO,” any other response you should run for the hills.

Why? Well writing a business plan is a very intricate and personal thing. Think about having someone write your life goals for you, that’s pretty impossible. Your business plan is simply that it is YOUR plan and therefore you should be the one to write it. It is ok to have someone assist you in writing your business plan so that you ensure you are providing the correct information for each section of the business plan; however it should be your thoughts and plan.


I  created this E-guide for those individuals that 


1. have a business but no model. You are either making money that covers the cost of your goods, OR you aren't making money at all. 


2. doesn't understand what a business model is and how to create one. 


3. don't have a business plan and have no clue where to start. 


4. who desires a step-by-step  guide to create a revenue-generating model & plan


In this E-guide I will cover: 


1. Myths on business models and business plans

2. The Business Roadmap™- This roadmap will provide you essential steps to help you create your million-dollar business model. 

3. The ten must have sections in a Business Plan

Business...Creating a profitable model & plan


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