The real estate industry is a big business generating billions of dollars in revenue annually, and there are ample opportunities for entrepreneurs to turn a profit. Last year there were approximately 210,000 companies operating in the residential brokerage and management field, which generated $200 billion in revenue; there were 35,000 companies operating in the commercial brokerage and management field, generating $35 billion in revenue (Franchisehelp, 2019).


One of the top 10 reasons Realtors aren't successful is because they lack the knowledge and strategy to market themselves properly. It takes strategy to know where to find new prospects online and offline. Marketing is much bigger than posting on Instagram, it requires you to unfold the layers of your potential customers and hit on their pain points.  


During this masterclass realtors who want to increase their revenue will learn

  • How to create a marketing strategy to gain new clients
  • How to hit on your customers' pain points
  • How to leverage offline marketing strategies to attract new clients
  • How to strategically leverage 3 different social media platforms to attract new clients and build a solid brand
  • How to properly brand themselves as Realtors
  • How to deliver the best customer experience to keep referrals coming in
  • What marketing tools you can utilize to captivate your potential clients

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